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Shanghai AFA printing rubber roller started to cooperate with the famous rubber roller and compound manufacturer KATSURA of Japan in 2006, responsible for selling and marketing rubbers in China. In 2009, AFA established our rubber roller manufacturing factory in Shanghai, we adopted KATSURA compound and technology, matching to high-quality equipments and excellent teams, service for customer for many years. We offer all kinds of rubber rollers in printing field and industrial field.

    AFA produce printing consumables materials including Dampening fountain, ink washing, sprayer and so on. We are the dealers of SAVA blanket from Slovenia.


  1. Blanket

  2. Blanket

  3. Alcohol-free embossin…

  1. Printing Roller

  2. Printing Roller

  3. Printing Roller

  1. Sticky dust roll

  2. Chrome roll

  3. Mirror Roll

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